Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Most "Sweet" SHELF Project ever!

We had sweet time in last Saturday.

After our Mers segment, we had decided to make cake for our final SHELF project.

It was awsome! Because It was my and men members' first time to make cake.

We wanted  to have meaningful time for our Eng250-1 class, making cake.

We had a kind of comment time about our class, saying thank you.

It is such a thank you-letter for Prof.Jeff .

We all are appriciate to you, your enthusiasm and passion, and to waht you've given to us sir.

Thanks to you, we could have amazing relationship with nice people!

This is the most sweet thing that you've given to us I think.

We all are happy to be your guinea pig.

Thank you for giving me this wonderful semester and opportunities to learn English from variety of audio visual meterial.

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